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  • The UK's niche masonry support trainers

    Maintaining the highest standards takes effort. Our new training suite will allow us to set the best fitter standards in the industry.
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    vision training suite
  • Automated Quality Assurance system.

    Our new tablet system means faster responses, automated auditing, QA sign off.

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    qa tablet system
  • Brick Clad Soffits - quicker, cheaper, safer!

    Brick Clad Soffits are taking the construction industry by storm. It's lighter and easier to install than traditional brick clad, making it safer and more cost effective.

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  • Keep things simple

    New lighweight brick panels make installation even quicker, reducing overall costs and improving safety.

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    Brick Clad
  • Masonry Support Systems

    We are the UK's leading installer of Masonry Support Systems, from Continuous Angle and Welded Bracket Angle to Off The Shelf Systems.

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  • Windpost Installers

    The UK's leaders in Windpost Installations, with best prices guaranteed. We fit all types of windposts including Ancon & ACS systems.

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Vision has created a new 'Single Operative Installation' service allowing us to support you and keep building safely during these difficult times.

We have been working hard to develop an installation service that meets all of the guidance laid out by the Government and the Construction Leadership Council. Our goal is to support our industry staff and contracters getting back to work, whilst maintaining social distancing and personal safety.

Her are some of the steps we are taking to keep you and us safe:

single operator installation

Single Operative To Install.

masonry support lifting

Support Lifted To The Right Level

windpost products

All Associated Sundries Provided

windpost products

Fully Audited & Traced Remotely

  • Operatives will travel separately to sites.
  • Each operative is restricted to using their own PPE only.
  • Operatives have their own tablet to allow independent working and communication.
  • Vision and ACS will ensure next day deliver on additional fittings and fixtures to keep installations moving.
  • Installations will be fully audited remotely to ensure the 'Single Operative' approach is maintained at all times.

If you have any questions regarding our 'Single Operative Service' or our response to COVID19 in general, please get in touch with us on 01283 200511

masonry support angle

Our masonry support installations offer that flexibility of adjustment whilst retaining high load capacity and conforming to stringent industry standards. We offer a range of supports for different situations.

  • Continuous Angle
  • Welded Bracket Angle
  • Individual Bracket
  • Off The Shelf System
sliding anchor restraints

We can supply and fit stainless steel or galvanised wall ties (masonry restraints) in either 304 or 316 gauge. We can help you identify the right fixing for your wall size, cavity size and material type.

  • Frame Cramp
  • Internal Fix Head Restraints
  • Face Fix Head Restraints
  • Sliding Anchors
  • Cavity Ties
  • Channel Ties
windpost products

Windposts provide that important added strength and stability across larger brickwork sections. Typically they are fixed vertically between floors, often eliminating the need for additional steelwork or concrete support columns.

  • C type windpost
  • L type windpost
  • SHS/RHS type windpost
  • RSA type windpost
  • PFC type windpost
  • Spine type windpost
  • CHS type windpost
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We have found Vision to be well equipped for all aspects of the services they provide. They overcome on site problems with efficiency and interact well with our site teams.

We have no reservations in recommending them.

Michael Walsh, Managing Director - Swift Brickwork