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What Our Customers Say About Us

LG Bower Testimonial

We believe you are only ever as good as your customer's perceive you to be. We work extremely hard to keep our customers happy and make them proud to be associated with Vision Construction.

But, we don't believe you should just take our word for it so we've collected together some of the letters and emails we have had from our customers. Hopefully these give you some idea of what people think of us. If this isn't enough, just ask us and we'll be happy to refer you to more of our customers.

C & I Smith Ltd

C & I Smith ltd

Swift Brickwork Ltd

Swift Brickwork

BAM Construction Ltd

BAM Construction

Davis & Barrett Ltd

Davis & Barrett Ltd

L.G. Blower Ltd

LG Blower Ltd

M.W. Brickwork Ltd

MW Brickwork


"We have used Vision on a number of projects and have been more than happy with the service that they have provided, from tender stage to installation they have shown nothing but patience and professionalism throughout and I hope that our partnership can continue for many years to come."

Kevin Conway - Inex Ltd

"Vision overcame ever changing detail issues due to size and specification requirements of the client, with this in mind I would have no problem working with Vision in the future"

Chris Thompson - Senior Project Manager, North Midland Building Limited

Materials & Fixings

Windposts and brick ties are normally manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel. (Grade 316 is also available, if required.) For dry internal applications, hot dip galvanised windposts can be manufactured, but it is recommended that the ties in the outer skin are stainless, even if the windpost is hot dip galvanised.

Generally bricklayers / labourers fix windposts, this not only stops the bricklayer laying bricks but as they are not structural engineers can result in various problems.

Vision Installers

Vision Installers

Vision installers are trained and experienced in the fitting of masonry windposts, we offer time served operatives that are able to overcome any fitting issues. Our windpost installers will fit up to 30 posts per day depending on the specification, this not only allows bricklayers to be more productive but also speeds up tight site programmes which is essential in modern day construction.

With Vision fitting your windposts you are guaranteed they are fitted to specification with the correct fixings. All fixing bolts are tightened to the specified torque settings. The posts are plum and fixed to the correct location. Considerably more windposts will be fitted on a daily basis and a QA sign off sheet for each floor fitted will be provided weekly which gives you a holding point with the clerk of the works. Your windposts will be fitted once and fitted right.