About Vision Construction Ltd

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Why Use Vision?

Where the industry goes wrong
  • Damaged or stolen plant having to be constantly replaced
  • Bricklayers installing the wrong ties at incorrect centres or locations
  • Support systems failing because of incorrect fitting or torque settings
  • Delays To programmes due to structural tolerances that require changes to be made to designed systems.
Costly Implications

Incorrectly fitted masonry restraints can have extremely large financial implications. They not only impact a project but can be extreme enough to affect a company's financial position. We know of several projects where 1st floor incorrectly fitted masonry support systems have failed, resulting in each floor of masonry built above being taken down and re-built, with costs running into tens of thousands of pounds.

Bricklayers and Labourers are not structural engineers and don’t understand the consequences and engineering aspects of how a support system works. They would not be expected to erect steel /concrete structural frame work and yet they get involved in fitting masonry restraints which are an equally important structural part of the building.

From A Bricklayer's Perspective
We wouldn't expect a structural steel erecter to lay bricks so therefore why not allow bricklayers to do what they do best and what they are skilled in.
Fully Equipped For The Job

Each vehicle carries various shims and brackets to accommodate all eventualities allowing continuation in our works without costly re-visits.

We’ll be on site and ready to work at 7.30am until 4.00pm as a minimum – enabling you to ensure a full and productive day. We constantly monitor our timetable to avoid delays and help you meet your schedules.

Vision Vans
An Expert Team

Our specialist teams provide a full nationwide supply, set out and installation service for all types of masonry restraints and support systems, installing them to specification and enabling your bricklayers to be more productive!

Highly trained and experienced, Vision mobile technicians all have a solid background in construction. Our investment in a dedicated vehicle fleet makes them fully self-sufficient with all the right tools and equipment they need for any job.

Health & Safety Chas Accredited
High Standards for Health & Safety

We are coming to the end of another year of zero reported accidents for Vision, our attitude to Health & Safety is second to none with no compromise.

All Vision managers are fully SMSTS or SSTS awarded and ALL Vision installers are 100% CSCS approved.

Vision Construction is CHAS accredited, Construction line approved and carry out monthly safety audits which gives our customers piece of mind that Vision installers will be working safely on their sites.

With today's competitive market, our current installation rates can now save you money. Our investigations prove that if you take into account the various factors that affect installation, such as; inexperienced bricklayers, operatives hourly rate, constant replacement of damaged or stolen plant, power, access, drill bits, fixings and experience, you will see that our installation rates are more cost effective and without hassle.

Davis & Barrett Brickwork

Following a very busy year, we would like to express our gratitude to Vision Construction for providing assistance with Masonry Support items on our projects.

We found Vision well equipped and they integrated well with our team. With the upcoming year predicted to be busier than ever, we will definitely be looking to use Vision again.

Davis and Barrett Brickwork Contractors Ltd.