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Our vision

To be the first choice provider, across the UK, for high quality fitting of Masonry Support, GRC, Soffits and Brick Cladding. We will do this by ensuring only the highest standards of training and well-being for our fitters and a continual focus on innovation, positively impacting our customers projects.

Our Values


We will always act with our customers best interests at heart, treating their business as if it were our own. We will always seek to be transparent with our customers in everything we do for them.


We are committed to providing a safe, secure and happy working environment for all. We will provide ongoing development training and feedback to ensure our people are reaching their best potential. We will maintain a culture of non-discrimination and inclusion, treating each other with respect and fairness.


We are proactive in improving aspects of our ways of working, that will positively impact our customer's and people's performance and well-being. We continually seek to innovate and find new ways to deliver greater levels of excellence and quality for our customers and ourselves.


We will never create waste unnecessarily. We consciously act in a way that will minimise our impact on the environment around us. We do this by adopting core behaviours of reuse, minimise waste and use resources sparingly.


We are not afraid to challenge ourselves to stretch and grow our performance. We actively look for new opportunities to impress our customers, identify future business and deliver beyond what's expected. We challenge ourselves to be better than before by doing things more efficiently, effectively and economically. We seek to outperform yesterday.

Back in 2008, I had grown frustrated at the regular problems created by bricklayers being expected to fit masonry steelwork and getting it wrong. After all, they were bricklayers, specialists in laying bricks. So what to do about it, when you're a contractor installer constantly having to rework other people's poor quality?

Start a company of course! So that's just what I did. I started to offer the UK's first and only supply and fit, specialist masonry support service. So began a journey of discovery, adventure and challenge. From a sole trader to a team of more than 30 fitters across the UK.

"From sole trader to more than 30 dedicated masonry support fitters"

What started out as just a desire to provide an accurate quality service, became a plight to shape an entirely new industry sector. I started to look for ways to establish my company as an essential provider to the building construction industry. I looked for ways to set us apart from everyday bricklayers and how to make us more valuable as an installer outfit.

At around this point, I created the UKs only "single price fitting rate". An innovation in the sector, which meant we could fit anywhere in the country and size of project for the same, lowest price.

"The UK's only company with a specialist training facility"

We became the first masonry support company to achieve exclusive fitter status from one of the UKs leading masonry support manufacturers. Even as competition started to encroach on our sector, we still achieved great success and continued to innovate.

We were the first company in our sector to offer guaranteed standards for fitting through our own rigorous training and quality assurance standards.

As with all new things, the idea soon catches on. So how did we continue to maintain our edge. In truth, we have always sought to look for the next evolution of our business that continues to innovate for our customers. Some of these industry firsts include:

  • Our lowest price promise across the UK
  • Single price fit anywhere in the UK
  • First to automate Quality Assurance and job paperwork on tablets
  • Offering GRC specialist fitting
  • Specialist fitters for Brick Soffits
  • The only specialist training specifically for Masonry Support

"First to automate and provide tracked QA and auditing"

We continue to evolve and innovate and have more planned in the coming year. We are the leaders in our industry sector and we hope that you will see our reputation for quality and innovation as a strong reason to consider working with us.

Some of the things that set us apart from our competition.

Reasons Benefits
Bespoke In-house training facility ensuring our fitters have a full understanding of products and installation. Our industry leading in-house training course ensures operatives provide you with the best possible installation service.
Custom engineered smart tablets. This gives customers complete piece ensuring we install to the correct specification. Photo capture of work allows for a quicker QA sign off. This eliminates paperwork being late or lost and improves efficiency of our fitters.
We can offer pull out tests as part of the install. Pull out tests are becoming an industry standard. Our add-on service gives you piece of mind knowing that the designed fixings are performing as they should. Again this is another strong stand point for a QA sign off.
Full surveys to ensure systems will fit correctly. By surveying the actual site before the system is put into production it means it will fit correctly and not require a vast amount of shims, or in some cases require the system to be re-made. Systems are designed using drawings and calculations but with allowable tolerances on site, this can lead to significant compound innacuracy.
Pre-start site visit and survey report helps eliminate delays and aborted visits. The survey allows us to ensure requirements are correct and understood before beginning work. Aspects such as site access requirements, preset datum’s & levels, available power & that the systems are correct. Getting all of these things right beforehand reduces the risk of aborted visits, wasted down time and unnecessary burdens on site staff.
We employ a number of welders & fabricators across our site teams. This allows us, with signed-off approval, to make small modififications to systems/framework to allow for tolerance drifts so you don’t have to wait for parts to be remade. Given that some remakes can take weeks and additional expense, our alteration service can save both time and money.
Saving You Time & Money

Incorrectly fitted masonry support can have large financial implications. Not only can it impact a project's timescales but it can be extreme enough to put an entire company at risk. Over the years, we've seen several projects where incorrectly fitted masonry support at the first floor level has failed. This has resulted in each subsequent floor above needing to be taken down and re-built. In all cases the costs run into tens of thousands of pounds.

There are many things we do as a matter of course to ensure masonry support is fitted correctly. Things like:

  • Ensuring datums are located and correct
  • Stage based sign-off against drawings
  • Stress and load checking fittings
  • Understanding compound tolerance effects
To us they are an everyday requirement and a part of our natural ways of working. To labourers they are an add-on, which requires different thinking and knowledge.

From A Bricklayer's Perspective

"Asking a bricklayer to fit masonry support is like asking a carpenter to build structural walls. Of course I can do it, but would you want to risk it?"

Fully Equipped For The Job

Each vehicle carries various shims and brackets to accommodate all eventualities allowing continuation in our works without costly re-visits.

We’ll be on site and ready to work at 7.30am until 4.00pm as a minimum – enabling you to ensure a full and productive day. We constantly monitor our timetable to avoid delays and help you meet your schedules.

An Expert Team

Our specialist teams provide a full nationwide supply, set out and installation service for all types of masonry restraints and support systems, installing them to specification and enabling your bricklayers to be more productive!

Highly trained and experienced, Vision mobile technicians all have a solid background in construction. Our investment in a dedicated vehicle fleet makes them fully self-sufficient with all the right tools and equipment they need for any job.

What Our Customers Say

Cara Brickwork

Cara Brickwork Ltd have always used Vision for a number of years on various projects. We have always found them to be proactive and work in a safe and professional manner.

They support our site managers well, working to overcome problems faced and they are always fully equipped to carry out the job to a high standard.