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Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Solutions

GRC Cladding

GRC Panels & Soffits

As a construction or architectural company, you'll probably have heard of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete. Commonly referred to simply as GRC, it's becoming the "go-to" product for building facias, facades and structural support.

Why use GRC? In simple terms it offers a simpler, less risky solution to traditional concrete, saving time, money and risk on your project.

Imagine doing away with the need for a crane to lift concrete panels into place. Imagine only needing a couple of construction workers to lift each panel into place. Imagine minimal health and safety requirements due to the lightweight nature of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete products.

Technologically advanced, economically attractive, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, GRC starts to make a lot of sense for construction.

"GRC is typically 80% lighter than standard pre-cast, steel reinforced concrete. Cheaper to install. What's not to like about that?"

GRC Concrete

What is GRC?

The product comes in either a spray or cast format. Generally, the products we fit are of a sprayed format which combines glassfibre, resins and concrete to create a super lightweight, strong, weather resistant product. Sprayed GRC forms a stronger product than compacted casting.

GRC is significantly lighter than traditional steel reinforced concrete. GRC is also more flexible in its use because of it's strength and material composition. The production of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete uses much cleaner manufacturing processes making it much more environmentall friendly. The benefits don't end there. The lightweight nature of GRC means it doesn't need heavy equipment to lift it and is therefore easier to manoeuvre and quicker to install.

Key benefits to using GRC and its uses.

Key Benefits Core Uses
Stronger than traditional concrete products Facia Cladding
Better weather resistance than standard concrete Features and Moldings
Much lighter and therefore easier to move around Foundations and floors
Environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprint Walls and windows
Better economics due to less weight, labour and risk Roofing
Reduced loads on the overall structure of the building Modular construction

Typical material composition of spray GRC

Materials (Kg)
Cement - 50
Fine Aggregate - 50
Polymer - 5
Plasticiser - 0.5
Water - 13.5
AR Glassfibre - 4.5-5%

How can Vision help with GRC?

Vision Installers

We are the leading specialist installers of GRC in the UK. We have an exclusive arrangement with one of the UK's leading manufacturers of GRC products. We can either supply and fit, or just fit if you already have a supplier.

Your peace of mind with using Vision to fit your GRC is knowing that all our fitters are employed and trained by us specifically as installers. We are members of most construction industry associations and are leading the way for training and safety regarding installation of GRC and other construction support materials.

What our customers say

Davis & Barrett Brickwork

Following a very busy year, we would like to express our gratitude to Vision Construction for providing assistance with Masonry Support items on our projects.

We found Vision well equipped and they integrated well with our team. With the upcoming year predicted to be busier than ever, we will definitely be looking to use Vision again.