Brick Cladding Soffits and Lintels

Leading installers of this unique product

Now available is the unique Soffit Solution system for Brick Faced Cladding and Lintels. Tested to some of the most rigourous standards of any brick slip masonry support product, it is lighter, more secure and easier to work with.

With quicker fitting times, lighter construction and reduced hazards, it is fast becoming the accepted standard for masonry soffit cladding and lintels.

Our fitters are trained specifically to install any soffit cladding product. This means we can install them much quicker than using traditional bricklayers, allowing them to concentrate on laying bricks, saving you time and money.

Brick Cladding Soffit & Lintel Solutions

Wall Support

Brick Faced Masonry Support

Vision are now the primary installers for the newest Soffit solution system on the market, designed to make cladding easier, quicker and more cost effective to use than traditional brick clad.

Up till now, the accepted way of adding brick cladding to a soffit as part of your masonry support, involved either screwing bricks to the backboard or using large, heavy slabs with bricks bonded to them. The downside to these solutions was easy to see; bricks coming unstuck over time, crashing to the floor. Along with this are the potential hazards associated with manoeuvring heavy items and the strength of the fixings required to hold them in place.

This new, unique solution, removes many of these hazards due to it being a lighter product overall with easier and more secure fitment. This means a greater number of modular brick-faced units can be completed resulting in better productivity and lower costs. Also, using Vision as your fixing specialist means more units fitted in less time, thereby increasing your productivity on core activity.

Having undergone some of the most demanding tests for Brick Slip products in the industry, this Brick Faced Soffit product is unique in its capability.

"This market leading Soffit solution is around 70% lighter than traditional methods and can reduce fitting times by up to 90%."

Wall Support

Brick Faced Lintels

Imagine arriving on-site, contemplating the dozen or so lintels that need to be installed and facia clad with bricks, knowing that's hours of work and effort. But what's this? You arrive at work to see that indeed, there are the lintels you need to install, only they are already brick clad! Add to this, the fact that these new lintels are lighter, easier to manoeuvre and are made with a much stronger resin bonded brick face and you're day just got a whole lot easier!

Manufactured off-site and supplied as a prefabricated unit, these lintels require no work other than installation of the lintel itself. With our specialist fitters, the lintels can be installed faster without the need to use a bricklayer, saving you time and money.

Supply & Installation

Vision are pleased to be able to supply and fit any Soffit or Lintel product on the market. Our installers are trained specifically to fit all types of Brick Faced Soffit or Lintel available. We also fit nationwide so no matter where you are, no matter what your need, we've pretty much got it covered.

Comparing Traditional Products and Brick Faced Products

Traditional Brick Slab or Screw-in product Brick Clad Soffit and Lintel
Usually very heavy slabs of bricks bonded to a concrete plate Lightweight, prefabricated soffits and lintels
Requires multiple people to install and secure Can be installed by a single installer
Is slow and heavy, laborious work The lightweight nature makes installation quicker and more streamlined
Can be hazardous to person safety Safer to handle generally due to the lightweight construction
Bricks are know to fall away from the bonding over time The brick bonding has undergone some of the toughest tests in the industry ensuring a longer lasting product
Requires specialist bricklayers to create and install No need for specialist bricklayers, just a trained installer
Slow to install, meaning greater costs Trained worker focused on installation only can complete the job much quicker saving time and money

Typical Lead Times for Brick Faced Products

Bolt Ups Costing / Quotation Site Delivered From Approval
Basic System Two Working Days Three to Four Weeks
Complex System* Five Working Days Six to Eight Weeks
Lintels Costing / Quotation Site Delivered From Approval
Basic System Two Working Days Three to Four Weeks
Complex System* Five Working Days Six to Eight Weeks

Vision Installers

Vision Installers

Vision installers are trained and experienced in the fitting of Soffits & Lintels, we offer time served operatives that are able to overcome any fitting issues. As with any tradesman the longer you do something the quicker and better you get at it. Our teams will fit up to 40 soffits per day depending on the specified fixing. This not only allows bricklayers to be more productive but also speeds up tight site programmes which is essential in modern day construction.

With Vision fitting you are guaranteed that it is fitted to specification with the correct fixings and fixing centres. All fixing bolts are tightened to the specified torque settings. We will also ensure that your soffit system is fitted with the correct material backing where necessary. By using Vision, more soffits will be fitted on a daily basis. Our QA tablet system allows for speedy sign off for each elevation fitted and ensures a full audit trail of works and tracking. Your soffits will be fitted once fitted right.

What Our Customers Say

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Richard and the team at Vision are always able to help. Last minute requests or on-going work, Vision are a reliable company that we do not hesitate to use.

They provide competent labour and an efficient billing & work evidence system that allows us to know where we are at all times.